The act of discrete individuals or parties working collaboratively and in synergy towards a common aim.

Beginning as a ’21st century album’ of open source songs from Burton band Star From Ivy, Circularity is beginning to grow into its potential as a group of likeminds discussing and working toward collective action.

It’s a big concept, one which hasn’t been easy to explain or to engage on masse with, covering ideas around topics from mental health and mindfulness to grief and galaxies. Described as: “a thematic and conceptual rock album project by Star From Ivy encompassing 21st Century learning and humanitarian ideas” each track is accompanied by a set of learning resources themed around the subjects covered in the songs and it’s these resources which are beginning to bloom now.

As well as the album is a regular podcast and a Facebook group where sharing of articles linked to the theme of each song are shared.

Alongside, the original music is all available as open source meaning anyone can take elements of it and use it to make something of their own, rights free – an innovative concept in a music industry more fixated on ownership than connection and creative longevity for artists or their works.

The first Circularity Festival will take place at the National Brewery Centre in Burton on Trent on Friday 22 June 2018 and feature live performances from Star From Ivy, Emma Buckley, and Andy Crowe as well as a number of other special guests alongside the recording of a podcast episode. Profits from the evening will be doubled and donated to Mind, the mental health charity. More information and links for tickets can be found on Facebook here.

By Sarah Lay for Storge