Comichaus is an online market place for comics – with a twist.

You can: –

  • Easily buy and sell your comic books
  • Contribute to database and earn Comichaus Points
  • Add your comics to your online collections
  • Create wants lists
  • Discover new and old comic books

Indie publishers can also add and sell their creations.


The Comichaus App is an app that is dedicated to indie comics. For a subscription fee of £3 a month (£30 a year) you can:

  • Get access to stream and discover all the indie comics in our catalogue
  • Save as many of the comic books offline as your device storage will allow
  • Search by title, creator, genre and publisher
  • Discover more about creators
  • Support creators – 50% of advert and subscription revenue will be split with creators based on how many times their books are read



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