Dharma & Karma

Dharma represents the teachings of Gautama Buddha. In some strands of Buddhism it also means existence and the law of being. The Light of Asia is a beautifully poetic introduction to Gautama’s life and teachings. The laws of Karma in Buddhist thought run along the lines of us each being architects of our own fate. […]


The central lyrical theme in this song is the Buddhist notion of impermanence – challenging the idea of us each having an afterlife. What if our souls don’t go somewhere else after we complete our linear A-B journey of life into death? No ‘kingdom come’? A circular and cyclic existence. Choosing, instead, to exist mindfully […]


In Buddhist philosophy, Samsara (the Sanskrit word for ‘journeying’ is the cycle of life, death and rebirth. It is a system which covers a number of hierarchical existential layers. Journey, is an interactive parable; a beautiful experience of exploration and travel. Conceptually, it shares many ideas with Buddhism including Samsara and reincarnation. The great music […]