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‘Young Men’

Programme Page BalletBoyz homepage A group of young men brought together by the indiscriminate brutality of war struggle to maintain their humanity in an unending cycle of combat and death. A potent combination of music and choreography, thisĀ film without words is an immersive emotional journey into the reality facing young men at the extremes of…
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Euthanasia is a key ethical issue for our time. It is a polarising subject for many people and there are a number of thoughts surrounding it both for and against. Euthanasia basics from the BBC NHS on Euthanasia/Assisted Dying For & Against Euthanasia Dying In Dignity Dignitas BBC Religions on Euthanasia Christianity All Christians believe…
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After Life

It is important to recognise that Buddhist thought does not propose the transmigration of souls – this is a common misunderstanding of Buddhism; that if you live a bad life you’ll return as something ‘lower’ like an animal or insect. Reincarnation simply implies that at the point of rebirth one would be promoted or demoted…
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