‘Ghost Dances’

“Christopher Bruce’s 1981 work Ghost Dances is one of the most celebrated contemporary dance pieces of its generation. This masterpiece is an evocative tribute to the victims of political oppression in South America. It tells stories of love and compassion, as death – in the form of the iconic “ghost dancers” – interrupts the daily lives of a […]

‘Young Men’

Programme Page BalletBoyz homepage A group of young men brought together by the indiscriminate brutality of war struggle to maintain their humanity in an unending cycle of combat and death. A potent combination of music and choreography, this film without words is an immersive emotional journey into the reality facing young men at the extremes of […]


Euthanasia is a key ethical issue for our time. It is a polarising subject for many people and there are a number of thoughts surrounding it both for and against. Euthanasia basics from the BBC NHS on Euthanasia/Assisted Dying For & Against Euthanasia Dying In Dignity Dignitas BBC Religions on Euthanasia Christianity All Christians believe […]