After Life

It is important to recognise that Buddhist thought does not propose the transmigration of souls – this is a common misunderstanding of Buddhism; that if you live a bad life you’ll return as something ‘lower’ like an animal or insect. Reincarnation simply implies that at the point of rebirth one would be promoted or demoted […]


The Infinite Monkey Cage – WHAT IS REALITY? Our own reality is the result of our own limited consciousness, awareness, perception and process. It is subjective, and there’s a growing body of thought suggesting that our ideas of reality are unique and bespoke. The Infinite Monkey Cage – ARE WE LIVING IN A SIMULATION?

The Spirit

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise and bodily awareness linked with aspects of spiritual Hindu culture and works in synergy with meditative processes. It is steadily becoming a popular way to become more mentally and physically aware of the self whilst connecting with a common humanity. 30 Days of Yoga