Life of Pi

“Pi’s life comprises many journeys: boyhood to manhood, exploring faith and religion – not to mention his family’s relocation overseas. Leaving their home in India, taking with them their vast menagerie, the Patels board a ship bound for Canada. But when a devastating storm strikes, Pi finds himself adrift on a lifeboat with a 450-pound […]


Someone in a coma has a limited brain activity, and appear to sleep for a long time. But what actually happens, how does this process help the body to heal, and where does consciousness go? Metallica’s song, ONE, is based around being ‘locked in’ yet aware of your surroundings.  


We humans love stories; to escape reality to other worlds full of wonder, magic, creatures, robots and imagination. Whether it be the books of Tolkien, Martin or Gaiman; or the created worlds on the back of four elephants carried by a turtle, or the DC or Marvel Universes; or even the films of Lucas or games of Simogo. But why?