Riots are shocking events where normal social conventions and practices break down, often resulting in violence between people and the looting and destruction of property. They often occur when a group of people are in an extreme emotional state, dissatisfied or angry about a particular circumstance or event. The riot itself ensues when the herd-like […]


There is a problem with our ‘Westernised’ lifestyle. Simply, that a society system which uses money as its primary function will always need to make more money. Therefore, regardless of what products and services we buy into, we will never be happy or contented because there’ll always need to be another new product or service […]


“The Foundation’s work focuses on three core areas 1. To inform and educate young people about the effects of drug and alcohol misuse, as well as to support those seeking help for their problems and those needing on-going support in their recovery 2. To provide support for those most vulnerable, including those who are disadvantaged through […]