UK Youth Parliament

Make Your Mark gives a unique opportunity to reach out to young people who go on to be opinion formers and leaders of the future. This year, through school, online and through our grassroots we’ll be reaching out to young people once again.   The ballot decided what Members of the UK Youth Parliament should debate […]

Accidental Courtesy

Musician Daryl Davis has played all over the world with legends like Chuck Berry and Little Richard. In his off hours, Daryl likes to meet and befriend members of the Ku Klux Klan– something few black men can say.   Visit ACCIDENTAL COURTESY to find out more.


In contrast to dystopia, Humans have always dreamed of creating the ‘perfect’ world. Our visions for creating a Utopia have always driven our steps forward in creating laws and systems to govern our world. The British Library have a number of resources to check out HERE. Sir Thomas More first coined the term Utopia describing […]