Check out the opportunity for writing for peace HERE. Also learn about White Poppies and what they represent. Do visit POD and explore all the things that go on in preparation for Peace Day each year. Resources for Learning PeaceTalks ​Schools Network for Peace One Day


Do you aspire to be peaceful? Show people! Create your own crane for peace and remember to share it with others through #circularity. If you work with groups of young people, you might be interested in Learn about Hiroshima, the Memorial Gardens, and the CND and help prevent similar atrocities from happening in the […]

Human Rights

The UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 10th December 1948, following the Second World War. Since then various organisations and institutions worldwide have been working hard to ensure that as many people on the planet have their rights protected and upheld. UNICEF adopted the CRC around 25 years […]