Proud embraces quiet completitive practice. It allows to take time out to mindfully reflect on the moment (in the fire) in a total state of  flow and solitude.

It also a meditative exploration of sexuality and gender, and pacifies our identification with the crude labels we have invented for these; a simplistic analogue for our complex and changeable nature.







The quiet came to aid our thought, we focused on the emptiness
And you came like you had no choice, and you screamed til you had no voiceWhy the sigh? Why the tears? Why the frown?
You fell as you tried to climb; and you grazed yourself, yeah!

In the fire…

One last chance to pacify; another glance to see insight
Yeah, you gathered wood to make the spark and we held our hands to feel the warmth!
So release the fire, betray the night – come on we’re trying to save your life in the fireYou make us Proud!

You wonder why you’re changing
And you wonder why we’re changing
You wonder why it’s changing
We wander…