Many members of the Circularity Team are interested in lifelong learning and continual personal and professional development. By following the free online courses below, our curated Online Academy Programme will allow you to become more in tune with the sentiment and themes of each song.


The Rights of Refugees

Human Rights Defenders

The Right to Freedom of Expression

International Women’s Health & Human Rights

Human Rights & Open Societies

Narratives of Nonviolence

Paradoxes of War

Ending Slavery



Journey of the Universe

Science of the Solar System

Our Solar System & Beyond

The Night Sky: Orion

Rocket Science & Space Exploration

Human Spaceflight

Space Mission: Design & Operations


The Evolving Universe

Mysteries of the Universe


Living with Death and Dying

The Noongar

Indigenous Canada

Aboriginal Worldviews

Greek & Roman Mythology

Social Norms, Social Change

Cultural Heritage & The City

Contemporary India


Understanding Depression & Anxiety

The Addicted Brain

Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

Introduction to Guitar

History of Rock


Introducing Humanism

Philosophy of Religion

Religion, Philosophy & Science

Re-imaging God in Korean Context

Muslims in Britain

Communication in the 21st Century Workplace


Sleep: Neurobiology

Sleep Deprivation

Transmedia Storytelling

Film Distribution

How to Make a Poem

Start Writing Fiction

Game Theory


The Power of Music in our Society

The Place of Music in 21st Century Education

Music Can Change Your Life

Introduction to Classical Music

Music Business Foundations

Fundamentals of Music Theory

Getting Started with Music Theory

Music as Biology

Developing Your Musicianship

The Art of Music Production

The Technology of Music Production


Understanding Mental Capacity

Soul Beliefs

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Design Thinking for Innovation

Learning How To Learn


Humanising Healthcare

Music & Social Action


Buddhism through its Scriptures

Tibetan Buddhist Meditation & The Modern World

Buddhism & Modern Psychology


Demystifying Mindfulness

Maintaining a Mindful Life

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

What does it mean to identify as TGNC?

Gender Based Violence

Art & Gender


How to Change the World

Climate Change

Ocean Explorer

Our Earth

Earth from Space

Energy Principles & Renewable Energy


Global Citizenship

Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Competence

Language Assessment in the Classroom

Miracles of Human Language


Science of Happiness

Science of Wellbeing

Healing with The Arts

Science of Wellbeing

Deep Learning

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